Jackson WH20 Aspire Welding Helmet


Economy, 9/13 Budget Helmet, Lightweight


  • This ‘budget price’ helmet from top manufacturer
  • Jackson Products, is available at a bargain price
  • Lightweight helmet at only 495g
  • Lens can be set to shades 9 to 13
  • External shade adjustment
  • Internal adjustment for delay and sensitivity
  • 100 x 40.5mm viewing window
  • Switching time: 0.3ms
  • Lens will automatically switch to shade 4 when welding stops

JACKSON WH20 ASPIRE 9/13 HELMET A range of CE-marked helmets and face shields that conform to EU Directive 89/686/EEC to protect against hazards and get the job done safely, help reduce costs and come with a 1.5-year or longer warranty (conditions apply).

Ideal for: specialised welders who need flexibility to adapt to a wider number of welding and torch cutting conditions in busy, high-productivity environments; protecting eyes, face and head; keeping equipment costs down, with easily available spare parts; extending usability, with adjustable external shade control option.


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