SIP 05777 Ideal HG3003S MIG/ARC Inverter Welder with Separate Wire Feed (PACKAGE)

Welds Aluminium, Stainless steel & Mild steel, 50-250amps MIG Current Output, 30-250amps ARC Current Output, 230v (43amp) Supply

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  • PACKAGE Includes: 5KG 0.8mm Wire, Regulator, Aspire Welding Helmet, Gold Welding Gauntlets & MB25-3 Torch
  • Includes 3M MIG Torch, Gas Hose & Earth Lead
  • Includes Separate Wire Feed Unit
  • Welds Aluminium, Stainless steel & Mild steel
  • 50-250amps MIG Current Output
  • 30-250amps ARC Current Output
  • 230v (43amp) Supply
  • 2 Year Warranty

Dual purpose welder offers powerful welding with MIG or ARC with 250amps @ 60% MIG duty cycle. Requiring a 230V (43amp) supply the HG3000S comes with a durable separate wire feed unit that supports both standard and flux wire types with a maximum wire diameter of 0.8 – 1.0mm with wire spool capacity of 5.- 15Kg. With 2 touch/4 touch controls and infinitely variable output, the welder offers MIG output current of 50amp – 250amp and ARC output current of 30amp – 250amp.

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Weight 53 kg